IPM automates real estate ads thanks to Adhese

IPM Advertising and Adhese introduce an innovative new way to present realtor ads for Logic Immo to the right target audience. By linking its DMP CXense with a simple XML file (containing all info about all the real estate Logic Immo has to offer) through the Adhese platform, all ads are automatically delivered based on a predefined range of segments.

When an anonymous visitor opens a website, he or she will see a predetermined list of real estate listings. However, when a known user opens a website he or she will get an overview of all the real estate listings available in the segment (and thus the region) where he or she is put in by CXense. This setup allows IPM to work seamlessly with known and anonymous visitors, while already being compliant with the strict privacy rules encompassed in the new GDPR guidelines.

IPM also offers realtors the chance to buy segments through Adhese and thus only promote their properties to specific visitors.

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